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Negative Assets publishes about once every three months, so we’re constantly looking for new writers and material. If you would like to make a submission, here are some guidelines that will come in handy. Submit inquires and/or stories to Accepting the following genres:

//  Horror  //  Sci-fi  //  Fantasy  //  Nonfiction  //  Poetry  //  Fiction  //  LGBT  // Mystery  //  Flash Fiction  //  Crime  // Magical Realism  //  Thriller

Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, crime, magical realism, thriller, and mystery must have a word-count between 1000-6000. Flash fiction submissions (less than 1000 words) are the only exceptions. All other genres must be less than a 6000 word count.

All writers and artists maintain full rights to their work. Negative Assets: Punk Lit Zine does not claim rights to any of it’s contents. If you’re work has been previously published by another publication, make sure it is approved for republishing, and let us know.



For artwork submissions including illustrations, comics, photography, and story-based illustrations, contact for inquiries!