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Blunt Knife Idol's "Greed Heritage." Reviewed by Luis Balderrama.

opmaakbuit.indd Blunt Knife Idol’s Greed Heritage is the a solid example of some great grindcore. The guitars are heavy, fast,  and very aggressive and the vocals match that aggressive tone of the guitars and drums by layering on the very top of the mix.  What’s extremely impressive is how accurate and clean the entire band is during rhythm and tempo changes. It’s this organized chaos sound which just makes it that much better. It’s very nicely executed. They also incorporate some death metal and black metal styles into their music without straying away from rock solid grindcore.

“Perished” and “The Last Steps to Heaven” are the comedic breaks to the album. “Perished”   begins with the sound of a string ensemble,  so I was pleasantly surprised to hear something different, but quite suddenly, the serenity is cut short. It's a nice and artistic statement. “The last steps to heaven” begins with a clip of “Stairway to Heaven” but again, the serenity is broken very nicely. Both of these songs put a smile on my face.

“Collapsed Into Nothing” begins with this eerie guitar riff. There is tons of dissonance in the chords and plenty of off beat rhythms coming from the drummer to challenge the listener’s sense of tempo. It brings a sense of black metal touch to the album.

“Celebrate the Indulgence” has an almost classic rock intro. The entire band really showcases how tight and clean their rhythms are. Tempo changes are clean and nothing seems to be off in terms of synchronization.

"Greed Heritage" is a solid first album for these guys and a solid grindcore album in general.

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